Monday, July 23, 2007

Vermont and The Walk - A Most Brief Update

Team Sarcoma 2007 in Vermont was an amazing experience! We returned late Saturday afternoon to piles of mail (paper and electronic), voice messages and newspapers ..... then were up and at 'em early Sunday for our own Walk Around the Park. Today I was up early to drive Ms M to chemo, climbing over half-emptied suitcases and bags of leftover Walk supplies to reach the front door. Home again by 2:00 pm, I cleared a new path to the bed, being as nothing had actually been put away, just jumbled through to reach what we need, and SLEPT!!

We had a total of 50 people at the Walk Around the Park between 8:30 and 2:00. Here's the core team that was still there at the end.

Standing, left to right: My daughter Elena; Bill Shoemaker, with his wife Butch looking over his shoulder; Minda Vanleeuwen, with son Gage standing in front of her; LeRoy and Anna Stewart, nieces Shawan and Shawn Rice, and Chrystie Quirion, our party planner extraordinaire.

Seated in front: Brad, me with grandson Noah, Kelly (Dominique's mom) and Dominique (Bradley's girlfriend)

And this one is from Vermont: Beverly Shriver, Brad, Bruce Shriver, me.

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~ Elizabeth

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