Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Delivery to Ronald McDonald House

Today I delivered the donations from the Ronald McDonald House Wish List Donation Drive to the RMH in Baltimore. This is me with Sharook, an old friend from my craft night last month. My car was packed to the gills and it took a 4-person fireman's brigade to get it all into the building. To those who donated sugar and sweeteners - when the first staff person looked into the car and saw the boxes, she ran in to tell someone else to take it off the shopping list (they had just run out)! It was fun to be there with such good timing. The house manager was very happy to see how many of the basics were included. "This is great. These are things we use all the time" she said. My husband and I are really fortunate to work for BNA, a company with so many concerned and caring people.
I signed up for another craft night in August while I was there - this time we'll make pillows and I'll make sure to include materials that can be used by kids who only have the use of one hand or who aren't able to use the tables effectively from their wheelchairs. Most of the "handy" kits I brought last month required at least some delicate peeling off of thin paper backings which got frustrating for everyone. Next time we'll be playing with Elmers and never mind the mess!
Thanks for reading my blog!
~ Elizabeth

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