Friday, July 6, 2007

All Signs, Big and Small

In a rare serious moment, grandson Noah models our collection of smaller signs. He helped by jumping on the completed signs a few times - a budding quality assurance officer? My favorite is the yard sign, front right. Our sign uses an "OPEN HOUSE" yard sign as its frame. I found the ones that come with the metal frame in a hardware store, cheap. The left and right sides of our signs are printed on 8 1/2 x 11 heavy card stock, sealed into self-laminating pouches. There's posterboard on the back, covering up the other side of the sign. The whole sandwich is taped together/edged with a nice craft tape. It comes out to a pretty sturdy structure that can be re-used. Adhesive arrows will be added to these signs as they're placed around the park. Sticker paper is now my favorite office supply. Print, cut, peel, stick, done. The other signs are made using leftovers from the Ronald McDonald House donation boxes and assorted home projects. I KNEW the rest of that blue duct tape would come in handy sometime!

Below is our main event sign for the front and back of the gazebo. The original plan was to use hanging banners, attached either to the fronts of the tables in the gazebo or to to the gazebo railings. After looking at a few banner papers, I reconsidered and created it as a 2-piece sign. The ingredients are 20 x 30 foam board, blue and purple duct tape and logos printed onto sticker paper. It won't flap in the wind and should stand up to light-to-moderate rainfall.

So there are our signs! Thanks for reading my blog!
~ Elizabeth!

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