Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hey, Someone Took Down My Flyers!

GRRR. Yesterday, I went to a store where I'd put up two flyers on opposite ends of a community bulletin board and someone had taken them down! BOTH of them! This must be one of the risks you take with random posting, but you have to wonder what would possess someone to single out these. Maybe it was someone who was so excited by the message they had to take them home and into their communities to hand out! Yeah, that's the ticket! They'd left behind other stuff that looked old, so my niece and I went to the customer service desk inside to ask what the policy was and sweet-talk as needed. She informed us that "as long as it's a charity" it can go up. So we went back out and cleared a spot between the realtor's business cards, handyman ads and insurance seminars held 2 months ago (all working for charitable purposes, I'm sure) and this time I taped it up, but good, so the next flyer-thief will have to work at getting it off, not an easy grab and run like the last ones. Here's the flyer. The ones that were taken were printed on legal size, yellow paper. Once the weather warms up, I may dust up an old bike for going to the local stores to find more places to put these. Wish me luck.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Good Stuff Other People Are Doing

First off, and totally off topic, the first person I'd like to recognize for outstanding achievement is my nephew Pat, who has attained the rank of Eagle Scout. Here he is with his dad, Clayton, dressed as we usually see him:

and here he is, blurry (sorry! trying to use the fancy settings on the camera did NOT pay off this time) and in uniform before they replaced his necker-thingy with the Eagle bandana.

Another cool development is the release of this new video presentation by Bruce Shriver. It's entertaining and educational at the same time, no small accomplishment when you're talking doctor stuff. Scroll down to the blue box labelled "A Forgotten Cancer”

And, from the April issue of ESUN, the websites of other Team Sarcoma's. It's good to be part of a team with such amazing diversity.

Team Sarcoma UK

KeeperEdge for the Cure

Melissa Kramer's website

Elizabeth Munroz 's Blog

Monday, April 9, 2007

The Shorty Wardrobe Box

The U-Haul Shorty Wardrobe box looks like a good fit for the RMH Wish List donation box. The dimensions allow for foam board or poster board to be attached without anything having to be cut and there's plenty of room on the upper flaps for decorations. 4 of them will be arriving at my door within a week - and I got free shipping. Mission accomplished!

Friday, April 6, 2007


Double-click to view a larger image.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Ronald McDonald House Wish List Donation Drive

Whew, now that the website is up and running, it's time to work on another project for the RMH! This time, I'm organizing a wish list donation drive. The plan is to put big boxes with hand-made signs in the lobbies of buildings near a guard's desk or an office where someone can keep an eye on it. Over the next few days I'll doodle out ideas for the sign, get the crafty stuff to create the first one and take it to the RMH for review. Considering my general lack of creative talent, it should look childlike enough.... I have to let them know the locations the boxes will be in, so I'll make lists and phone calls to find at least 4 good places where they'll be noticed and safe. Once they're in place, I'll check them a couple of times a week and take the donations to the House. The complete wish list is posted on the website below.

The requested donations that'll be listed on the sign will be the items below that one can reasonably expect a person to bring to work and which are available in nearby stores. Let's see, that would include:

*laundry detergent
*toilet paper
*Sugar and sweetener packets
*Powdered creamer
*Dish soap
*Dishwasher detergent
Kitchen towels
Oven mitts
Paper towels
Zip-loc baggies
Plastic bags (all sizes)
Aluminum foil
Plastic wrap
Paper plates/cups
*Non-perishable food items/snacks
*Trash bags (55 gallon & 13 gallon)

The items with a (*) are needed urgently. What many people might not realize is that not only do the families of sick children stay at the house, but as often as possible, the children stay there too, with their parents and siblings. It's a true family house so they need the same things we all need for day to day life. Can you imagine having to keep 52 families in toilet paper for a month? Wow. I sure hope we get a lot!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Team Sarcoma/Bradley Website is up!

Visit us at

Thanks to the Shrivers for their contributions and feedback, and to my husband Brad for webmastering!