Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hey, Someone Took Down My Flyers!

GRRR. Yesterday, I went to a store where I'd put up two flyers on opposite ends of a community bulletin board and someone had taken them down! BOTH of them! This must be one of the risks you take with random posting, but you have to wonder what would possess someone to single out these. Maybe it was someone who was so excited by the message they had to take them home and into their communities to hand out! Yeah, that's the ticket! They'd left behind other stuff that looked old, so my niece and I went to the customer service desk inside to ask what the policy was and sweet-talk as needed. She informed us that "as long as it's a charity" it can go up. So we went back out and cleared a spot between the realtor's business cards, handyman ads and insurance seminars held 2 months ago (all working for charitable purposes, I'm sure) and this time I taped it up, but good, so the next flyer-thief will have to work at getting it off, not an easy grab and run like the last ones. Here's the flyer. The ones that were taken were printed on legal size, yellow paper. Once the weather warms up, I may dust up an old bike for going to the local stores to find more places to put these. Wish me luck.

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