Friday, May 18, 2007

Proper 5K versus the Mosey

OK, so people have been asking me how long the walk is going to be and exactly where it would go ... and I've been saying well, um, I haven't gotten around to that yet ... no, no specific distance, people can walk as far as they want to .... and that turned out not to be a good answer, though moseying around parks always sounds lovely to me. The problem was that, back in March when I first started thinking about this, I couldn't find any good maps of the park, much less marked routes.

Clearly, the time had come to tromp around the park with a cheapie pedometer and attempt to select a route and estimate distance. Before starting, I stopped in at the Dept of Parks and Recreation at Baker Park to ask about acceptable means to mark a route - ribbons? signs? No need! The smiling, helpful attendants presented me with brand new, fresh-off-the-presses, pre-marked maps, one of which was a measured 5K route! I tossed the cheapie pedometer aside, scanned the map, added notations of helpful landmarks, and here it is. We are now doing a proper 5K instead of a mosey. Double-click the image to enlarge.
~ Elizabeth!

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