Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Ms M

Wow, it's been so long and I've yet to post an update on Ms M. Ms M is the client I drive to chemo every week as part of the American Cancer Society Road to Recovery Program. Ms M is a lovely elderly lady who has a cancer that is only kept in check by chemo but cannot be cured. She manages to keep her spirits up most days and always has a friendly word for those she meets at the chemo center and pharmacy. Now, because of her advanced age and weakened condition, some family memers have moved in with her to help out. While she appreciates their help, recently she's been grumbling a bit about how it would be nice to have her place to herself again. To sum up without getting into detail, she just wants to be able to do what she wants, when she wants to do it. It made me a little sad, for in essence, she was saying the exact same thing as Bradley during his treatment. Young adult and elderly patients often have this in common - they want privacy and independence. Fiercely. They want to tell all the middle-aged people who are suddenly all in their business to please just do what they have to do, as far as helping, and then GO AWAY! It's sure not unreasonable. Unfortunately, when therapy isn't going as well as you'd hope, someone needs to be there to pick up the phone when fevers spike, or when a hundred other things go wrong. The state of cancer treatment programs is getting better, but we're sure not where we need to be. Thanks for reading my blog!

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