Friday, June 15, 2007

Send in your Luminary Bag for Team Sarcoma Luminary Service

Reposted from the ACOR Ewings Sarcoma Mailing List

As the sun sets on the participants in the 5th Team Sarcoma on Thursday evening July 19th, they will hold a luminary on the shore of North Hero Island in Lake Champlain . The luminary service will be held to pay tribute to those lost to sarcoma and to honor those still fighting and the caregivers, doctors, and nurses who helped them along the way. Candles will be placed in bags bearing their names. The light shining from these bags provides the hope and inspiration to all of us promoting awareness to sarcoma. We will carry this light in our hearts until we meet again.

To have a luminary bag become part of this ceremony, you can:

Make your own bag and send it to us. Purchase a #6 white bag from a craft store (e.g., A. C. Moore), decorate it and send it to me at address shown below. The bag should be no larger than 6”(wide) by 3 5/8” (deep) by 11” (high). We encourage you to use bright colors and include a picture if you would like.
Make a design on a piece of while paper that we can attach to a bag for you. The size should be no larger that 5 ½” by 8 ½”. Again, we encourage you to use bright colors and include a picture if you would like.

To pay for the candles and to make a donation for sarcoma research, we suggest a minimum donation of $5 for each bag. Make checks payable to “FJC” and the memo line must contain “Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative/Luminary”.

The bags or information must be in my hands or mailed to me by July 6th.

MiMi Olsson
3 Amber Lane
Attleboro, MA 02703

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