Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My First 6 Project Linus Blankets

Here they are! 2 were made with fleece front and back and 4 were made with fleece on one side and cotton flannel on the other, 2 yards of each for a twin/teen size blanket. Since the fleece is wider than flannel, for 2 of them, I let the extra flannel wrap around and create a border along the flannel side. Most of the fabrics were on sale for $5-8 per yard and I could have done better if I weren't such a sucker for cute combinations (but not toooo cute, I had to remind myself, we want it ON the 15-year olds' beds, not UNDER them!) The 2 sides of the blankets are attached one of three ways 1) tied with embroidery thread - when fleece is on both sides, this is easiest. 2) Small patches of zig-zag stitching spaced about 10" apart 3) Machine-quilted, with simple boxes inside one another. Some of the pockets are doubled, so that there are 2 pouches inside the pockets.

Paws on Red

Paws on Blue

Now You See Them, Now You Don't (both sides fleece)

Dragons and the Sea (both sides fleece)

Little Lizards with fleece wrapped to form border.

Froggies with fleece wrapped to form border.

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