Thursday, March 15, 2007

Lasagne for the House

Today I talked to the volunteer coordinator at the Ronald McDonald House and I'm on to bring lasagne's for their freezers next Tuesday. I'll bake 3 pans worth, divide it into individual serving containers and freeze it at home. I've got labels to go on each container that list the ingredients to help people with allergies or restricted diets figure out if they can eat it or not. I'll also bring magnets and colored notecards to put on the fridge doors letting people know the lasagne is there ("Missed meal? Need a midnight snack? Help yourself to lasagne in the freezer!"). See, the problem with having a sick child is that mealtime becomes whenever you find time to eat a meal. That might not coincide with the time dinners are served (cooked and served by volunteers) at the House or anywhere else nearby. Brad and I spent many a night trying to find something resembling a healthy meal within walking distance of UMMC - not fast food, but not resort hotel fare either - and after hours it just doesn't exist. If a little homemade food boosts one family's spirits for one evening, my mission is accomplished!

Today I'm also starting to work on Bradley's story. In the past couple of weeks, I got all excited and gung-ho about creating some flyers, doorknob hangers and stuff for Team Sarcoma, but couldn't quite get my writing hand going to come up with a design and the right language. Then I realized that I can't create this promo stuff without re-connecting with our experience and reminding myself of our motivation - that no one should have to go through this as we did with so few options, that the current treatments are so barbaric and it's criminal that the federal government has cut funding to NIH/NCI so much that sarcoma research would grind to a halt without private funding. Yep, that oughta get the words flowing! I'll get it started with the factual chronology, then Brad and I will add our personal notes to fill it out.

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