Monday, February 23, 2009

The Work Goes On

In the past year, I have continued my volunteer work with the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative. Bruce and Beverly Shriver have been kind enough to allow me to contribute three articles for ESUN (ELECTRONIC SARCOMA UPDATE NEWSLETTER). The goal of all three articles is to help those whose lives have been impacted by a sarcoma diagnosis to better cope and support the patient (if not themselves). If you have any feedback on these articles, I'd love to hear it ~ Elizabeth

A Guide to the Sarcoma Universe for Those who Have Just Arrived
An ESUN Article
Elizabeth Goldstein-Rice and Mary Porcher Sorens
On the day of diagnosis, whether you are sitting on the examining table, holding the patient's hand, or answering a friend's phone call, sarcoma is a new and frightening experience. There is so much to accept and understand, and it can be difficult to get your bearings.
This article is designed to help you and those around you navigate the sarcoma universe. It provides important facts about sarcoma and its treatment, and it is meant to be a useful guide for sarcoma patients and those who advocate for them, including their parents, family and friends.

The Importance of Second Opinions for Sarcoma
An ESUN Article
Elizabeth Goldstein-Rice
Because sarcoma is a rare cancer, most physicians may only encounter a few instances of it in their lifetime, if any at all. Patients need to be diagnosed and treated by physicians and interdisciplinary teams that have experience with sarcomas. If you are diagnosed with sarcoma, we encourage you to obtain a second opinion about your initial diagnosis and your proposed treatment plan from a sarcoma center. Good physicians are not offended when patients seek a second opinion about a rare cancer; it is fairly standard procedure. Moreover, some insurance companies require a second opinion before they will reimburse costs for a proposed treatment plan.

The Importance of Treatment at a Specialty Center for Sarcomas
An ESUN Article
Elizabeth Goldstein-Rice
There are numerous and important reasons why someone who has been diagnosed with sarcoma should be treated at a center where there is an interdisciplinary medical team that has experience in treating this rare disease.


empy said...

Hi Elizabeth - the links for the top two articles in this post have changed. If you click on them, you'll see the new link. Please update your blog! Any link helps. :-)

ophelia.snapdragon said...

I wondered why the St. Vincent's Cancer Center, where Dr. Gerald Rosen is located, is not on the list of husband has a second opinion there next week and now i am concerned we should have perhaps gone to dana farber instead...